Landscaping & Earthworks




We offer excavation and trenching services for a range of projects, including preparation for irrigation and optic services, as well as plumbing and electrical needs



Our lighter, more compact machines allow our operators to maneuver safely around yards, ensuring minimal top soil damage. We offer services for earth moving and backfilling, as well as the excavation of ponds, trees and water features.


Material Sales & Delivery

We can provide access to an incredibly wide variety of landscaping materials.  From sod, mulch, and decorative stones to earth and gravel, we can get it for you. Our split box dump truck means you also save on delivery as we’re able to transport two separate materials at once.

More Services

Excavation Made Easy


Small to medium scale structure demolition is efficient with the help of a Rio Industries operator. Our specialties include clearing pergolas, sunrooms, outhouses and other structures to create open space, or as part of a home improvement project.

Concrete Breaking and Removal

Outdated and worn-out patios or pads can be quickly removed and disposed of to make room for new outdoor designs and havens.

Asphalt Repair and Sealing

Cracked, faded and weathered driveways can be affordably brought back to life to give a warm welcome to all those that come to your home.

Snow or Debris Removal

Affordable snow removal available on a regular schedule that fits your needs, or as a one-off event.

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